Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spoke to soon

I know better. I am too superstitious to say stuff like I did in my last post. Not sooner than I hit "publish post" did the worm turn. The next day my son turned back to his old ways. So in effect what I am hoping here is that since I am writing this I am hoping that it will reverse the reversal and I will never speak of it again. He really is a good boy, just becoming very independent and wants to do things his way, although in the meantime he may just make me carry through on jumping out of the basement window.

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DaddyMan said...

I swear attitudes ebb and flow like the ocean. Someday it's calm and soothing, other days you're inches away from the storm of the century.

Consider it an exercise in patience on your behalf and long term change doesn't happen in the short term.