Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Change in Attitude

I am astounded by the sudden change in attitude. My son has went from tantrum at every turn no matter what I said, even if it were "Do you want a cupcake?" Suddenly this week he has been more polite and nice to me than usual. Not that he is bad but I am the parent so he must test the limits every time. When suddenly a couple of days ago his attitude has changed dramatically where he is listening more and being more attentive. Now I know this will change in the near future but I wish I could bottle it.

I am still not allowed to walk him into school, I wanted to ask his teacher a question the other day and he just wanted me out of there. I guess it is his world and Daddy is not allowed. He loves school which is good, he wishes he could stay all week and so do I sometimes, well except for the nice boy I have around this week.

My little daughter is doing quite well and seems to be doing a lot more these days. She loves to do raspberries, stick out her tongue, and lay on her belly and play or look around to see what is going on. The only thing I need is for my son to dance around and she will giggle herself silly as she loves her brother and if he is dancing around it is non-stop baby laughing.

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