Saturday, September 20, 2008

The New Dinner Game & Other Updates

Eating meals for my son has become an adventure again. He will throw tantrums when it becomes mealtime, without fail about 10-30 minutes before Lunch or Dinner he will ask for a snack. We tell him no it is almost dinner time and he flips out. With that we introduced a new tactic in the dinner time fight, 10 pennies! He starts off the meal with 10 pennies, every time he gets up, whines, cries, or gets too distracted from eating he loses a penny. I have even stretched it to cover the tantrum he starts to throw when i tell him it is dinner time. So far we have had some success, although I have a feeling that he will catch on and this will become unimportant to him and we will go back to brawling over dinner time. The funny part is when he eats he eats and he eats a lot. I know it is an independence thing but it sure gets frustrating.

My daughter is doing well, she is growing, eating, sleeping and pooping, so I guess everything in babyland is going well. She is starting to sit up on her own a bit and she is becoming more vocal as the days go on. Just the other day I swear she said, "New shoes, new handbag!" She has also started the rice cereal, which my son thinks is neat although he thinks she is eating "Life" cereal. She definitely loves her brother when he is around and doing stuff she just smiles and laughs to no end.

Last night my son went with his mommy and me to a football game, he was very excited and had a great time although I don't think he really understood a lot of what was going on, but he did know that our team lost.

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