Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Boo-boos at Busia's

The other day shopping my son saw various Thomas stuff, for example he needed some more toothpaste and saw the Thomas toothpaste and we had to have it. If he is brushing and Thomas helps I am all for the extra money to pay for it. There were some other items we had to get as well, like Mr. Bubble bubble bath. One item I chose to get was some Thomas band-aids for when he gets his next boo-boo and needs a band-aid as character ones are much easier to convince a 3 year old to wear. Well a day or two later he saw them in the cupboard and asked, "why do we need band-aids?" I simply explained that we need band-aids for when he gets boo-boos. He quickly responded, "We should take them to Busia's house."

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