Friday, July 18, 2008

The agony of leaving

My son loves to go and do things, go to people's houses, to the mall, places to play, etc. He has a great time and loves every minute but the last. As any typical three year old he never wants to leave and most times he says he wants to sleep there. Today we went over to a friend's house that has three boys (one 5, one 4, and one six months). He played with the two older boys and their dad outside in the pool and sprinkler while my daughter and I stayed in with the 6 month old and his mom. He had a blast and for anyone following his eating habits he had what is now called a "ham dog" (basically rolled up deli ham on a hot dog bun), I was stunned because he usually will not eat things like that. Maybe we can now try turkey dogs, roast beef dogs, etc. Well when it was time to go I heard the usual complaints of I don't want to, I want to stay, I want to sleep here. I know he was having fun but it was past his nap time and he was getting tired. He was seriously mad at me, but it turned out OK, I guess he is just like his Dad that never wants to leave a casino.

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