Monday, July 21, 2008

Aww Nuts! & "Turn off the TV Dad!"

My son invented a new game today, "Aww Nuts!" It involves three poker chips with numbers on one side and stickers on the other. The simple basis of the game is to toss it and hope it lands with a number up, otherwise you say "Aww Nuts!" and tap yourself in the forehead in a Homer-esque way. I just hope we weren't playing for real money as I will be seeing a guy with a baseball bat in my near future.

When it is bedtime my wife takes my son up to bed while I stay down with our daughter. When they are upstairs I usually turn the TV on and turn the volume off initially so he doesn't hear it. Well the other day when I turned it on, he simply heard the click of the TV over everything else. Suddenly I hear from upstairs, "Turn off the TV Dad!" I was stunned. So after some quick thinking, I say "OK," and then quietly followed up with a "click". Then I hear a very nice "Thank You!" So every now and then I have to pretend to turn it off.

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