Monday, July 7, 2008

A Big Update

I have been busy and unexpectedly busy all at the same time. Between doctor's appointments and trying to do some fun family activities before my wife has to go back to work it has been busy around here.

The bathroom I have been talking about a while ago is finally finished. I will take pictures and post a before and after real soon. We have also visited Ikea and added some new furniture which was needed and with slip-covers that are machine washable it seems like a good fit for the two kids, plus we can get new ones relatively cheap to change color/look or replace a severely damaged one.

We have gone to the zoo which my son absolutely loves. We also have gone to a butterfly house which scared my son somewhat as they fly all around and even land on you, he did have fun. We even found time to drop both kids off to go have a quick dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Biaggi's. My son recently got a new bike (two wheeler with training wheels) to replace his tricycle.

Fourth of July we went to my parents house along with some friends and some of Nick's friends to watch a great fireworks show which he really enjoyed so much that at 11:00 pm he still wanted to be outside and play.

This same weekend came the unexpected busy as we had a basement flood, so we are in the process of getting things fixed/replaced/put back to normal. This has taken up a good portion of my time to be able to do other things and such.

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