Monday, August 31, 2009

Shocked about a Haircut!

The haircut itself was not shocking but the way it came about was. The Boy generally hates getting haircuts, there is bribery and lots of consoling to be done at haircut time. Usually he would sit in my lap while his hair gets cut and there would be moments of crying, screaming and squirming to get away. Earlier last week he says to me before school, "Dad, I need a haircut because my hair is getting in my eyes. Can we go before school?" If it were open we would have been there right then and there, unfortunately we had to wait until Saturday. Saturday came and we went to go sign him up for beginner hockey program which we are all very excited about and then it was on to get a haircut. I feared he would change his attitude at the last minute because he sometimes does that in a predictable/unpredictable way. I asked, "Should we get a haircut now?" and he answered, "Yes." When we got there he went right up picked out his movie, Sponge Bob for those wondering (I don't like the show for him but in the event of making a haircut go smoothly I didn't argue). Then I asked him if he wanted to sit on my lap or sit by himself and he wanted to sit by himself, I think I was laying on the floor in shock at this point. Now I am getting really nervous waiting for the explosion to come... it never did! He sat still as much as a 4 yr. old can and did a really good job, even around the ears and over the eyes. Maybe next time he can just ride his bike there and do it all by himself, seems like sometimes he just grows up really fast.

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