Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ahhh... Back to School!

I still am not sure who is happier about the Boy going back to preschool. He loves school and it gives me a chance to lose a little bit of the craziness around here. One thing he asked me this morning which was really sweet, "Will you miss me when I am at school?" Of course I'll miss him but I am sure he will not miss me once he gets there and gets with all of his new friends. Now just a couple of more years until the Girl gets to go to preschool.

On some other notes, the Girl can now climb on and off the couch all on her own. Start hiding the remote! She was quite proud today when she got off the couch all by herself without falling. In addition there seems to be nothing she won't eat, today she had some grilled zucchini with her hot dog for lunch. The Boy on the other hand is pretty picky and mostly just doesn't want to try stuff but occasionally he does and likes it, although yesterday he asked when I am done with lunch can I have more carrots so I am not complaining.

Finally, we went to a local park to walk, my son actually jogged a whole trail as the Girl and I tried to keep up in the stroller. Then we went and played on the playground, where I calmly (yes surprisingly calm) had to correct another dad for yelling at the Boy who was just trying to play with his kids. No harm done, just a helicopter parent swooping in. We had a good time all together as evidenced by the picture below:

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