Monday, May 11, 2009

Learning to Read

The Boy is actively learning to read. He is quite funny in this aspect as I believe he is better at it then he lets on. Recently we went to National Train Day at our local train station where they had all kinds of model trains among other fun train stuff. The Boy loved it and got a magazine on your first model train set. Well the other day on the way to a grandparents house he was looking through it for the 1000th time and asked us to read something to him. We told him not know while we were in the car and suddenly from the back seat we hear "Enter.... to..... win.... a.... train.... set." For which I respond, "Didn't need much help did you?" as my wife and I had a good laugh.

The Girl is on the verge of walking as when we got to the grandparents house and set her down she put her feet down and stood there for a good 20 or so seconds in the least. She currently zips around with her walker and has even learned to turn around with it. Today she found the joy of running into my legs as she thought it was pretty funny.

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