Monday, May 4, 2009

The Girl is now One!

My Princess turned One!

It was recently The Girl's first birthday. She was very excited not to be "zero" any more. She took part in all the party festivities, and couldn't wait to get her hands on that cake. I am not sure who was more excited though, The Girl or my wife, after all it was a Pink Princess Party.

She received lots of nice gifts and can't decide which gift to give the most attention to, and her brother is a big help as he can't stop playing with her tea set. In addition, when she was opening presents he wanted to put one of the hair bows in his hair. I simply just shake my head and smile as I guess he needs more time playing sports.

Here are a couple of more pictures of The Girl enjoying the cake and in her party dress. You may also notice in a couple of the pictures you can see glimpses of the kitchen that I have been working on and now that the party is done maybe I will get the time to get it cleaned up and take some pictures for all to see.

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