Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back from Vacation

The family took a vacation last week and had a good time. We stayed in a lodge that had two suites, we were in the lower one and above us was the Stompersons. The unique thing about this was they seemed to not sit at all as I believe they all were in perpetual motion whenever we were in the suite. In addition, they not only walked vary loud they constantly dropped things that were louder than most fireworks. It certainly makes it tough to get your kids to bed with all the noise. Monday we went to the beach even though it was bit windy but the beach cabana that we got from One Step Ahead was awesome, big enough to fit all of us and could close the windy side and made it very nice near the cabana. Tuesday and Wednesday it was cold and off and on rainy so we tried to do some fun things around town and n earby towns, we climed a sand dune that overlooked the lake, we went to a farmers market and saw a big steam engine that the Boy enjoyed very much, did some shopping and even ventured to a mall. I know a mall is not the idea of vacation but when you have two kids and not many inside things to do sometimes you need to get out of the suite. Thursday it was cool again and cloudy but we went back to the beach, we endured and the sun actually came out which was nice and made all of us happy. We came home Friday and the kids were happy to be in there beds. All in all it was good and here are a few pictures:

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