Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Month Until School

I know I was keeping track of home times I could be asked by son if it was school time yet, I simply lost count. At least now it is less than a month away and he seems pretty anxious. We have been doing what we can to keep him in the learning mode, for example, we started a year or two ago with the Pigeon books by Mo Willems and have since found his Elephant and Piggie books which he loves and reads all on his own. We even bought for a whole dollar Math Bingo at Target, he loves it and I think he is starting to understand some of the concept of math as most of it is counting on our fingers and then adding more fingers, it is just hard when three of us play and the answer is 81 as there just are not enough fingers to count. So far the potty process is going well, slow but well. He really wants to inducted us into geekdom and get our model train. In all honesty I am excited about the train because as a kid my parents always told me mine was under my bed... there never was a train. It is also a curse now because all we do is train stuff it seems, maybe we will even get monogrammed shirts with the name of our railroad and those cool engineer or conductor hats.

The Girl is doing great, she has her 15 month appointment next week, should be a fun one. She is walking all over, chasing her brother, and loves giving donks to her Daddy. She is developing quite the personality as she is a champion food tosser and I believe has the stinkiest diapers known to man. We have bought a new diaper pail and have even tried using those Oder Blocker bags and sometimes it is no match for some of her diapers. At least it is one of them using diapers now so I shouldn't complain. Teeth are coming in at an alarming rate and she made her first trip to the jeweler to help me pick out Mommy's something special for getting the Boy to use the Potty for everything. She thought the shiny things were awesome and I am sure that now I have upped the ante on what presents she will want for her 2nd birthday next year. I will try to post a picture later of the something nice as I am sure some of you are wondering what you get for making someone poop in the potty.

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