Monday, March 23, 2009


A nice cough-cold combination has taken over over house. I had it for two weeks and am hopefully getting over it finally, My wife just started getting it early last week. The Boy got it and has had a fever for four of the past five days. The Girl has it and needs to do breathing treatments ever four fours for the next two days. Usually just one of us gets it and it is passed from person to person, not all at once. There is nothing like trying to give breathing treatments to a 10 month old who doesn't understand what is going on, the fun ones should be in the middle of the night, hopefully she just sleeps right through them. The Boy and this fever are killing me. He just wants to go back to school and I just want to send him. The doctor and the school say once the fever is gone, no problem except that the fever is hanging on. Well Hopefully we will all recover soon and quickly so we can get back to arguing about nap time and trying to make the kids eat their veggies.

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