Monday, March 16, 2009

Shooters, Cardboard and Ikea

I realize it has been a bit but I have been fighting off a cough and cold which I have now passed to the children. At least this time I didn't get it from them. I just hope we can get through it quickly, although after a week I am still having a hard time shaking the cough.

Recently my wife and I went to Ikea to purchase a new table for our kitchen redo along with some other accessories. It is probably a good thing there is not an Ikea right near by as we love that store. We went to go look at and probably buy a particular square table with pull out leaves but we ended up getting something completely different although we both love it. It is a counter height stainless steel table with four stools with washable covers. It is, as the boy would say, "Awesome!" Now maybe it is not the most practical for our 10 month old, but sometimes you have to have something for yourself instead of the kids. The Boy loves it and thinks it is neat that he gets to sit so high.

Once the table was picked out and we were starting to get into accessory mode it was go time. We had a lot of fun picking out new stuff and then even buying new dishes because we wanted to. I think the best part, besides helping the economy, was just getting what we wanted for a change.

With Ikea stuff there is a lot of cardboard. We bought the Boy some stuff and he was more interested in the cardboard. so after recycling about 90% he is busy playing with the other 10%. Sometimes I think Why not just buy all the stuff I want in cardboard packages then we both win... I get stuff and he gets fun cardboard. This leads me the final part of the title which is actually the first part, "Shooters." The pre-school my son goes to does not allow weapon play of any kind (as I am sure most schools are the same), but the kids are vary creative in the sense of they know they can't play with toys a certain way so they come up with different ways and words to accomplish the same thing. There was a long cardboard tube and this is what the Boy had to say, "Dad, look at my shooter. It is a shooter that shoots things but it isn't gun." I laughed and appreciated his creativeness.

As for the Girl, she is really starting to motor around on the hands and knees as well as pulling herself and walking along furniture. She has also developed some great facial expressions. And occasionally she gets the name "Miss 'Tude" as she is developing quite a personality sometimes with a little attitude.

Finally, the kitchen redo is almost done, we just have to figure out flooring so hopefully I will be posting pictures soon.

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