Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it us or them?

My son, who is at the fun age of 3 1/2, I believe now hates both of us, still loves his baby sister but truly has a great dislike for us. He listens to us like a police officer listens to your story on why you were speeding, he just plain doesn't. He makes the simplest things the biggest struggle that he makes very easy on most others, like going potty or eating his lunch. Some days it seems we can do nothing right for him. People tell us he is just testing us because we are his parents but we are both college graduates, we passed all of our tests. It is hard making the rules, and then trying to enforce them. Well we are making a list so when we are older and he is taking care of us we can give it all back to him.

P.S. He is really a sweet boy, just some days it seems as if there is a little devil around. For those of you that know him I am sure it is hard to believe. I guess it is hard being 3.

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