Saturday, May 24, 2008

Couple of quick stories...

One day when dropping my son off at preschool I noticed he is a flirt. We go in and put his stuff in his cubby. Meanwhile there are some of the girls in his class running around the room. Well first off they are running and with my son this is very important because he doesn't walk anywhere. He goes over near the edge of where they are running and sweetly and slyly says, "Hellooo girls!"

When getting ready for bath or bedtime he likes to throw his clothes down the laundry chute. Well the clothes get a send-off now, for example he will throw his shirt down and say, " Bye-bye shirt see you when you get clean," and when he throws his pants down he says "Bye-bye pants have s good time getting clean."

Our little daughter its doing well, she is ready to start shopping. Sometimes we call her Itty Bitty, but one day going to school my son asked if she would be home when he was done with school and I said "Sure, Itty Bitty will be home" and was promptly corrected, "She is not Itty Bitty!"

Today was a good day too for my daughter as the stump left over from the cord fell off today, my son will be very excited in the morning as he has been waiting for her boo-boo with paper in it to go away.

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