Sunday, December 9, 2012


The Boy who is 8 and in third grade gets some extra math enrichment from time to time.  He is a very bright kid but the recent worksheet was surprising.

Basic Algebra from the standpoint of m=3, then the problems would be 3m+12= ?.  There was no explanation of what to do, his initial answer was 45.  After I explained that it 3 x m, he then whipped out the answer 21.  I was quite surprised he got it pretty easily.

The way home from swimming class I thought I would see if he could solve for 'x'.  I gave him 2x=10, and asked what is 'x'?  He got it no problem.  We did a few more and he rattled off the answers.  I took it a step further and gave him the following to solve for 'x': 3x+4=13, within about 5-7 seconds he said '3'.  We did a couple more like that he got them pretty easily.

I was impressed but then started thinking about when I started learning Algebra.  I don't remember starting that kind of math until at least high school, or maybe 8th grade.  Since I got all the way to Calculus 4 in college, I figure he will be well beyond calculus by the time he reaches college.  I can't even fathom the math he could be doing or what it is even called.  Glad for the next year or so I MAY still be able to help him with homework.

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