Saturday, September 1, 2012

Is it September already?

Summer seemed fast.  School started two and a half weeks ago, cross country is in full swing and the first fundraiser of the year.

School for both kids has started relatively well.  There is an adjustment period and third grade homework for the Boy some days is proving to be challenging but we are getting through.  The Girl is  loving being in preschool all day, she even rushed us out the door on Friday to get to school as soon as possible.

My AGW had a great idea for this fall, watch some college football.  The Boy is starting to pay more attention to it so maybe we can actually enjoy some junk food and watch some good games.  This is an exciting prospect to me since last year I got to attend the Game in the Big House.

This three day weekend is perfectly timed to get caught up on sleep and should help the daily routine as it gives a moment to breathe.  All too soon we will be into the holiday season and I will wonder what happened to the past couple of months.

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