Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

I have been away.  Well not away but away from my blog.  School started recently and is kicking my butt.  The Girl is not helping either.

The last few mornings:
Sunday - wakes up about 6:15 am, I get to her door before her and ask her to go to bed, she throws herself on the floor, so I lay down int he doorway and go to sleep.  No way she is leaving that room before 7:00 am.

Monday - Go to get her up at 6:30 to eat and get ready for school, she is literally glued to the bed.  Takes a good 20 minutes to get her out of bed.

Tuesday - Is up about 6:15 am.  Actually ended up a fairly decently school morning.

Today - Up at 5:55 am, eats a big breakfast and is good all morning until 5 minutes before leaving for school, totally melts down about getting dressed.  Try to calm her, well I mean wrestle her clothes on then she wants a different shirt and goes upstairs with my AGW and has all her clothes off.  Eventually gets clothes on, is sad all the way to school, I have to carry her in.  I am worried she is going to be a wreck.  I see her in the library listening to a story and she smiles and waves. UGH, little girls!

I should be sleeping preparing for what Thursday morning brings but I wanted to share a little slice of what makes me crazy.  Fortunately for my 8 am class, I had coffee and a moment to breathe and de-stress so I could do my best in school.

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