Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Break

So it begins, Winter Break!  It is good and scary all at the same time.  The good part is that I made it through the first two quarters of school and feel pretty good about it.  Yes there are the rough days but overall it is a great job, ranking below staying home with my kids but pretty awesome.  It has created some craziness in our house as not being around as much but it is getting a little better, especially with the new member of our family - Cuisinart's Multi-Cooker.  The scary part is after getting into a good routine of sorts it is now two weeks off of school with no schedule to adhere to, at least I will get to play with some new toys (their toys) when Santa comes this weekend.

The Boy is doing pretty well at the 2nd grade.  He seems to be getting the hang of a classroom environment after skipping 1st grade.  The Girl is really enjoying school and she will start 5 day a week preschool in January and I think she is pretty excited as she seems disappointed when she doesn't go the two days she has off.

Being the nice Dad I am my kids get to go to the dentist on Dec. 22nd.  Maybe I can add to the joy and call the doctor to see if they need any shots as well.  The Boy handles the dentist well, but the Girl is just a 30 minute wrestling match and she is getting stronger everyday.

The question now is after Santa comes and there is no more room for toys will the kids notice if things just plain disappear?  Can we tell them Santa needs them to give to other kids, after he fixes them up of course?  I certain need to find a way to get remove the things the kids really don't play with but will whine and scream if they see me take it away.

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