Thursday, February 25, 2010

Terrible Twos

The Girl is not yet two but the terrible twos seem to have started a little bit early. Being a track coach I would like to disqualify her for a false start. She has learned how to start a fake cry to try and get what she wants, little does she know that I invented that and had to deal with her big brother. In addition, I act like a two year old sometimes so I don't give in easily. The hard part right now is that the house is still separated for big kids and little kids due to the fact tasting everything is still a priority, so while the Boy is at school we have expanded the area of freedom to the kitchen which is very exciting and makes her happy and gives me a breather for a bit. She has learned to pull hair which for isn't a big deal, but for the rest of the people with hair it causes some trouble. In addition, nap time has become an adventure as now it is cool to undress, remove your diaper and pee in bed. She can remove onesies so it is a sleeper for her for nap which is just more clothes changes. I remember a lot of people telling me girls were easier, well right now I think I would have to disagree.

The Boy will start his first hockey league soon, I will try to post some pictures from the first game unless I am too busy banging on the glass. He is having fun and improving everytime out right now in the learning to play program. He seems to be doing well inschool and is very excited to start kindergarten next year, as am I. The phrases he uses these days are great. The other day he had to take snack for preschool and when he came home he said "It was a hit!" My favorite is when he bothers me when I am busy and keeps saying "Dad!" until I answer then in a very sweet voice says, "I love you!" Lets just say he knows how to play the game.

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