Monday, February 15, 2010

An Overlooked Aspect of Raising Kids

My job of staying home and raising the kids is challenging and fun all at the same time, but something that I think gets overlooked is the job of the my wife. She works very hard to support our family and give us the means to do what we do and have what we have. I think a lot of times people forget when I tell them I stay at home how hard my wife works too. I get a lot of comments of how wonderful it is for a Dad to be home and in the same breath sometimes on how much work it is (I am not going to deny that it is hard work), but then I begin to think do they think it easier for the spouse who is hard at work? I appreciate all the time and hard work my wife puts in and then comes home to play with the kids before their bed time and being able to eat dinner some nights. Then after all that we have a little time to ourselves, although at that point we are both worn out. I just think it is overlooked on what the working parent does and sacrifices for their family, and I think it is important to appreciate them all that much more for what they do.

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