Monday, January 25, 2010

Attitude, Art and Accident

The Girl is eating and growing at an alarming rate. Today she kindly finished off a 4 oz peice of NY strip steak, four strawberries and then a nice chunk of pear. I think she is really trying to catch up to her brother in height as she seems to just be getting taller and taller. She is learning more words and she is getting very good at letting you know when she is not happy about something you are doing, giving her or making her do. All in all she seems ready for the terrible twos.

The Boy is developing quite the personality as well. Some of the comments he makes crack us up and we often wonder where he learns this stuff (I realize it is probably school). We recently got him an easel with a chalk board on one side and a dry erase board on the other. In addition you can buy rolls of paper for the middle to pull over either side to draw on. The best part for the chalk, roll of paper and easel it was about $23 at Ikea. We bought him some dry erase markers at Michaels and he has crayons coming out the wazoo. He loves it and he will suddenly disappear to go draw. He has draw our house, hockey rinks, race tracks, etc. Plus we don't have a thousand sheets of his drawings laying around. One interesting thing of note, I was talking to his preschool teacher and he has yet to decide if he wants to be right or left handed and it seems she is starting to think he may be truly ambidextrous. There are very few things if any he does completely on one side unless necessary.

I have decided that I am ready to return to a nice beach somewhere (the Bahamas, Riviera Maya, etc.) permanently as this morning I fell down the stairs. I am sore but OK, just figure I need to get done with January and start a new in February.

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