Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It has been a while since I was able to last post.  We have been a busy bunch.  Not only was the school year winding down we had put our house up for sale.

The Boy was a little upset with this at first as this was the only house he has ever lived in.  I will admit I was sad too as this was our second house and the one we brought our kids home to.  Although his new room has helped him get over the sadness, although with only moving a short distance both kids still miss the old house.

The Girl was a little more excited as she got a great pink room with flowers and butterflies on the wall.

My AGW is also very happy as we now have a master bath and a walk in closet.  So a happy AGW makes me happy as well.

Moving itself was an adventure as we sold our house very quickly, less than a week.  Then had to deal with some repair issues, inspectors and various other small details.  Then came moving all of our stuff, thankfully timing of selling and buying worked out very well for us.

This time, as my AGW pointed out that I am not 25 anymore, we hired movers for the furniture and big items.  We moved all the boxes and remaining items with parents, a great friend and myself.  There are two things I currently do not like anymore - STAIRS and BOXES.  I was amazed at how much stuff we pulled out of our basement and the shed.  The great thing is it all took about 3 days, while the bad thing is I think I will be sorting through boxes the rest of my life.

All this was coupled with the end of school, the end of coaching track & field, Field Day (the one day I am in charge of coordinating a whole day at school), and the rest of things I do as a teacher.  It has been busy but no complaints here.  Plus the kids over the past few days in the new house have been making it to 7:00 am with sleeping.

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