Sunday, October 21, 2012

Days Off of School

The Boy is at the age that a day off a school is awesome.  The Girl is indifferent as she likes school and likes being at home. I am a teacher so a day off can go either way, a day off is great but must days off of school there are teacher meetings and professional development.  

Recently at school we had our Scantron testing.   The Boy really likes Scantron testing.  Maybe it is the online aspect of the testing but he that it was "Awesome!"  With it being the end of the quarter we have a Monday and Friday away from school.  

I asked the Boy about having and a four day weekend and this is what the 3rd grader said, "I don't know I think I want to go to school as my teacher is a lot of fun."  I was shocked.  Granted he still has a great time on days off but it was pretty cool that he wanted to be in school .  

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