Monday, May 17, 2010

What A Weekend

It has been very busy around our house with my wife's work, the boy and his hockey, and the Girl just into everything. I usually mean to update at least once a week but lately my head has been spinning from all that is going on.

The Boy has run in his first race, he will participate in cross country this fall for his school, and did very well for not really knowing what is going on. It was a 1k (or 1000 meters) which he completed in 5 minutes and he really didn't seem too tired from it, granted he does run all day no matter what he is doing. He has been getting better and better at hockey. The Boy now actually gets involved with the play more and is willing to go in and battle for the puck which is fun to watch.

The Girl is learning more and more and has developed quite the independent nature at times. She does what she can to keep up with her brother. I don't remember if I updated or not her height and weight from her 2 year appointment but she is now 35 1/4 inches tall and weighs 26 lbs and 8 oz. She is getting to be like her brother - tall and thin. I think her new favorite phrase is "Awesome Momma!"

As for the parental units, we have gone to a concert, a party and even had a cookout with some friends. That all happened in one weekend which was fantastic but tiring all at the same time. Between the Boy and his hockey and the girl wanting to be shopping and walking everywhere it requires a very energetic day which is tough when the kids want to wake up every day about 6 am.

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