Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Polar Express

Anyone that knows my the boy knows he absolutely loves this movie. First time he ever watched it he was scared of it, as soon as it was over he said, "Let's watch it again!" He was not happy when we said no. Since then it is a year round discussion about the Polar Express. We got him the Lionel set and I even made him some tickets replicating the one in the movie. Last year a short while after Christmas we told him we had to put the movie away as it is a Christmas movie, the boy was not happy. Needless to say the closer it got to December the more intense he got as he knew Christmas was in December. This year it got brought out earlier as I needed a moment of sanity, I don't think I ever saw him so still for that long. He moves more when he sleeps. This has awakened a whole new sense of the Polar Express and his sense of adventure. We not only play the Polar express (act out scenes) we had an interesting discussion this past weekend. The first was on our way to church, we live near some railroad tracks and some are real close to the church, he says, "I don't see it." I ask, "See What?" and he responds, "The Polar Express". I burst out laughing but it got better when we were at church we had to go look down the tracks to be sure it wasn't coming before we could go in, and then we had to check again after we came out.

Although I think I am going to be on watch 24 hours on Christmas Eve, especially 5 minutes before midnight. The boy was telling us that on Christmas Eve he was going to go downstairs in his PJ's and outside to ride the Polar Express all by himself. I thought it was funny, but I also reminded him to make sure he tells us he is going on the Polar Express before he leaves.

We also bought the 3D version they are now selling, he has yet to see that as we don't know how he would handle the glasses but in the least we will have to watch at least the regular one on the bigger TV in the basement in the movie theater darkness with the surround sound at least once this year.

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