Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"I'm sorry I Ruggled."

We had a good day today, we went to the zoo and saw lots of animals. We even ran into some grandparents and cousins to walk around the zoo with. We went to the grandparents and had some pizza and my son was pretty quiet and subdued. For anyone that knows him knows this is highly unusual. Well he seemed to have a bit of a temperature and wasn't eating very much. Me being a great parent tried to get him to eat, anything really just to eat as we had a busy day and he didn't have an afternoon snack. He wanted a blanket in the car as he was cold so I was watching him in the mirror trying to be sure he was OK. We got home and I took him into the kitchen to check his temperature and get him some medicine when it happened...

BLAH!! He ruggled twice in the kitchen. (Ruggle=vomit) After getting him cleaned up and as my wife was cleaning up the floor he came in and said "I'm sorry I ruggled."

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